Ash Siding and Thermo Ash Wood: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of home construction and improvement, the choice of materials speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. Within this context, Thermo Ash siding stands out as a prime option that offers unique benefits, especially in terms of durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact. 

This article explores the intricacies of Thermo Ash, and sheds light on its manufacturing process, advantages, and why it is an excellent choice for various applications, especially siding.

Understanding Thermo Ash Wood: The Basics

What is Thermo Ash Wood?

Thermo Ash wood originates from the ash tree, and undergoes a specialized heat treatment process that enhances its properties. The result is ‘thermowood,’ a term often associated with improved dimensional stability, decay resistance, and an alluring dark tone, akin to tropical hardwoods.

The Creation Process: How It’s Made

The Thermowood process is a carefully calibrated procedure that transforms ordinary ash wood into high-quality thermally modified ash lumber.

  1. It begins with kiln-drying the wood to remove any residual moisture.
  2. Next, the dried wood is heated in a specialized chamber at temperatures exceeding 180 degrees Celsius. During this stage, the wood is carefully monitored to ensure uniform heating and avoid combustion. At these extreme temperatures, the structural and chemical properties of the wood are fundamentally altered, which enhances its resistance to decay and adds dimensional stability.
  3. After the heating phase, the wood is cooled gradually to stabilize the alterations and prevent any potential damage.

The final product, Thermo Ash wood, showcases an enriched dark tone and remarkable durability, which makes it an ideal choice for applications like ash wood cladding and ash siding.

Key Characteristics: Identifying Quality in Thermo Ash Wood

High-quality thermal ash wood stands apart due to its enhanced properties, achieved through a specialized heat treatment process. Recognizing these key characteristics ensures that you’re investing in a product that delivers on longevity, appearance, and performance.

Aesthetic Uniformity

Unlike regular lumber, Thermo Ash wood boasts a more uniform, rich color and cleaner grain, a result of sugars and resins being changed during the heat treatment. This aesthetic aspect is not just about appeal; it’s a practical attribute. The consistent finish allows designers and homeowners to achieve a coherent look easily, without extensive culling for color matching, which makes it a preferred material for visually impactful projects.

Moisture Content

Thermo Ash wood has significantly reduced moisture content compared to untreated wood. The thermal process alters the cell structure, which reduces the wood’s ability to absorb moisture. This characteristic is vital as it prevents many moisture-related issues, such as fungal growth or structural weakening, for the material’s overall longevity and structural integrity.

Hardness and Density

The hardness of Thermo Ash wood is an indicator of its ability to withstand wear, tear, and mechanical damage. Although the thermal modification process slightly reduces the wood’s density, it remains hard enough for robust applications while offering easier workability. 

Environmental Credentials

Quality Thermo Ash wood is produced with environmental consciousness in mind. It doesn’t require harmful chemical preservatives, which makes it safer for indoor use and reduces environmental impact. Certifications from recognized environmental or forestry programs can further attest to the wood’s sustainable sourcing and production, to assure consumers that they’re choosing an eco-responsible material.

Resilience in Adverse Conditions

Thermo Ash wood’s resistance to UV degradation, temperature-induced stresses, and harsh weather conditions is a key indicator of its quality. This resilience means the material maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time, even when subjected to challenging environments. This feature is particularly important for outdoor applications like siding, where the material’s ability to withstand varying conditions directly impacts its lifespan and the overall look of the property.

Recognizing the key characteristics of quality Thermo Ash wood is instrumental in ensuring a worthwhile investment. By opting for this superior material, you not only guarantee an attractive finish, but you will also benefit from its durability, eco-friendly nature, and resilience. 

Benefits of Thermo Ash Wood Siding

Ash wood, particularly when thermally modified, offers a range of benefits when used as siding for buildings. These advantages make it an attractive option for homeowners and construction professionals alike. Here are some of the key benefits:

Why Choose Thermo Ash Wood Siding?

Durability and Longevity

Thermo Ash wood siding is known for its exceptional durability. The thermal modification process improves its resistance to rot, decay, and insect attacks, to help ensure that the wood lasts for decades with proper maintenance.


It experiences minimal expansion and contraction compared to non-treated wood types. This characteristic means it’s less prone to warping, cracking, or bending, for a consistently smooth appearance over time.

Insulation Properties

Ash wood has natural insulating properties that helps to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This aspect can contribute to lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment.


Thermo Ash wood cladding can be tailored to suit various architectural styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional. Its versatility extends to staining and finishing, for further customization.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Thermo Ash wood siding is relatively easy to install using traditional woodworking tools. While it’s low-maintenance compared to some other wood types, periodic cleaning and the occasional application of a protective finish can help preserve its color and integrity.

Sound Dampening Qualities

Ash wood can also provide sound-dampening qualities, for a quieter, more peaceful home environment with reduced noise from outside.

Choosing Thermo Ash wood siding is an investment in the longevity, beauty, and comfort of your home. When sourced sustainably, it’s also an eco-conscious choice that supports responsible forestry practices.

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