Cedar vs. Thermally Treated Wood: Sauna and Cladding Comparison

When selecting materials for sauna construction and cladding, the choice of wood is critical. Cedar and thermally treated wood are
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Thermo Technical Specifications

In this guide from, you'll discover all the technical specs for Thermally Modified products, including insights into the modification process, stability, durability, and more.


Products Selection and Profiles

Maximo, one of our favorite thermowood brands, provides a list of their available profiles in this document. If you're in search of dimensions, sizes, or product options to kickstart your project with this fantastic thermowood brand, this is what you need.


Ayous Data Sheet

Black Label Wood offers some of the finest thermowood products around. This document covers everything you need to know about Thermo Ayous, a light-colored, superb wood for your building needs.

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